Decisions, decisions.

So, after writing a fantastic blog last night about what we do when were alone and how we deal with it….only for me to delete it in the process of trying to add in a picture, (hopefully i’ll get this down pat soon). I decided to give last night a miss and see what the day brought before starting a fresh tonight.

I am realising with all this spare time on my hands (well, except for that increasing to do list), that it becomes quite a decision as to what my day holds. When you come from working full time, which is never just 38hours, well, I guess most decisions are made for you. Do you want to come out tonight? No, I have to work in the morning. Do you want to do tea? Yeah, but I might be late, got a busy day at work. When do you want to catch up? Well, I can only do this day! And by the time you add in everyone else’s schedule, it gets hectic!

We really have become TOO busy….. doing NOTHING.

Which really brings me to why we made our big decision……

We live in a fairly small town, about an hour from brissy. We have both lived around the area most of our lives. Our families are here, our friends, our work. But do we really think about any of that. I think some time back, though I’m not really sure when, we just stopped making decisions. You go to work, you come home, cook dinner, do some house work, watch the tele and off to bed. And what for, to do it all again tomorrow. Then the week end comes, or what little of it we actually have together around work, and all of a sudden after that sleep in you’ve been waiting all week for and a quiet day. Well look at that, it’s monday again!!! SO WHY DO WE DO THIS?

That’s what finally made our decision…………our lack of decision making!!! Or as some would like to call it, quite possibly A RUTT.

Well, goodbye rutt and hello world. We look forward to having a life, each week and each minute that goes by is one we will never see again. It’s been said a million times but we really do have to take every moment for what it is. Don’t dwell, but move forward (sorry, no julia supporters here) carry on. This was a massive step for us starting our married lives but I know it will be a defining moment in our lives. Don’t worry, I’m not living in fairy land, it won’t be easy but it certainly will be living and that’s what lifes all about, the big decisions!

Finally I will leave you with a picture of my wonderful husband that I was trying to upload last night when it all went horribly wrong, lol.


That’s him!

I took this piccie as we were taking off on one of our serious road trips north. Back in our pre rutt days, lol.

Cheers, Suzy.



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Hello world!

So, while this is all about the journey, I have to admit, it’s kinda already started. So I guess a little background? Well I’ll start with US. James and I (Suzy) are madly in love and after 6 years finally got around to getting hitched.

The deed was done!

Yep that was our day! And what a great day it was.

So fast forward 6 months and here we are. At this present moment sitting in my lounge room, on the ottoman, in a rather empty house! James? Well he is in little old Quilpie town. Yes Quilpie. It’s in western Queensland, Australia.

Where is it? About here….,+Quilpie,+Queensland&hl=en&ll=-26.588527,144.228516&spn=47.432695,79.013672&sll=-28.013801,142.630005&sspn=2.991999,4.938354&oq=Brolga+Street,+Quilpie&num=10&hnear=Brolga+St,+Quilpie+Queensland+4480&t=m&z=4

So why am I sitting in an empty house? Because up until today I was working full time and living in our old house, whilst our belongings are slowly being packed up and relocated to our new house, in Quilpie. So from today I have about 3 weeks to Paint/Pack/Sort! Meanwhile I am jobless and temporarily husbandless, so naturally it’s the perfect opportunity to start this blog and share our journey with all of you in this happy blogging world!!

Well thats my start, will catch up a little more tomorrow.

Cheers, Suzy.

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