Feeling the Love.

So once again, another post about how much I’m enjoying this place.

I feel like at the moment, I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Today so far I have taken the dog for a walk, done a few loads of washing, weeded the lawn and well maybe a little ‘internet research’. (hey, facebook can be very informative). So nothing too exciting but it’s everything I want to do and never had time to.

Amoung my facestalking, I have also been looking for inspiration. I’m a hairdresser by trade and am starting up my own home based business, here in Quilpie, which has just taken off. While I was living and working full time in south east Queensland, there was inspiration everywhere, from clients coming in, to the awesome girls I worked with, there were always new magazines around and even just going on a retail therepy trip. I guess I never noticed how much I was aware of my suroundings and took inspiration from different looks and styles.

So now that I’m a little more isolated, I’m finding I have to be a bit more pursuent of inspiration. So, I have started by purchasing a few of the gossip mags, for celebrity inspiration (which I have never before done in my life!) and have spent the morning oggaling over the gorgeous styles on http://graceloveslace.com.au/. They are oh so fantastic! So now that I am aptly inspired, I’m off to make some choc chip cookies before my handsome husband gets home for lunch. Yes, that’s right I get to have lunch with hime daily. 50’s house wives, eat your heart out!!!

Cheers, Suzy.

P.S. Curtousy of the new Who magazine, loving Guy Sebastian, his gorgous wife and there little boy, Jules and Hudson James. What a gorgous family, and some fantastic hair too!



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