Were Here.

We have arrived safe and well in Quilpie and have been here for 2 whole weeks now.

That time has gone so quickly!

But i have settled in really well and loving it. I’ve even done some baking and the highlight so far……. BINGO.

No, really we played bingo today. Hahaha.

At the local club (as in sports club, not night club) they have bingo on every Saturday. It was pretty fun, didn’t win anything but that’s ok, it was fun and something to keep the housewives of this town occupied. lol.

Well I’m off now to enjoy some birthday celebrations for a friend. That means getting dressed up to go out on the town. Wranglers and all. Yes, I have my first pair of wranglers, rinestones, and pink stitching and all.

Should be a great night, I will have to show some picks of my trendy threads. Maybe tomorrow…….afternoon.

Night all.

Cheers, Suzy.


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