The photographic evidance.

So here are the pictures, a little delayed I know but better late then never, right? Well, I’ll get right to it.

The Before……..

And the after!

This is looking to the right as you walk into our front door. We have what is known as an old Queenslander. Houses built in early to mid 1900’s of timber. They are very well suited to our climate in times when there were no such thing as airconditioners! But as the years roll on, you will seldom find an original that isn’t adapted in some form or another.

Example? The room your looking at would have originally been a verandah to the existing house. Built on the northern side to give the house protection from the harsh summer elements, yet allow for easy flow of air through the doors and windows. Generally the process goes a little like this. They add some side verandahs, just to catch a little more breeze and to really enjoy some good old Aussie out door time. Then comes the indoor kitchen and bathroom, WOW could you imagine the LUXURY! So they build in part of the side verandahs, just enough to not lose that barrier from the elements but with easy access out the side door. I mean the depression was starting to come to an end so people could afford improvements on the house. Really? What else would they do with their riches? haha. Then maybe an extra bedroom or two in front of that, for those growing families of the 60’s and 70’s. And finally the front verandah gets built in, for a little extra storage room.  Then, it comes about time to add another verandah on the front to get back to that good old aussie entertaining. What you end up with is a bit of every era all rolled into one and a home with a history and a story to be discovered! Well, I’m sure you would have all figured by now I have a keen interest in Australian history and how places like this are built from the ground up, by many different hands.

But back to more modern times and what these two hands have done!

Before ………


These are looking left from our front door. Yep that’s a big entry.

Now for my favourite room. This one, I always thought would make a great space for …..well alot of things. I imagined setting up a small studio in here. The light is fantastic, and how could those colourful windows not imspire you to create great things! Also in the years to come, it could be a great nursery, it is such a dear little room and I can just picture the Bentwood rocking chair, white wash bassinett, the bunting and quilts …………… oh sorry, back to reality.

So this is kind of why it took me a few days to show you these photos, I had to find the right time of day to capture the light that adorns this little niech in our home.

Before I worked my magic………

And the awesome end result.

I guess I didn’t realise how much the time of day made a difference to the look of a room in a photo. But even reading other blogs for inspiration, it is something that can make a real differance!

Well, one last pic of our front door, just love how it finally looks at home. I painted it some time back but it always looked somewhat out of place from the inside as the rest of the room was incomplete.

Our Front Door. Looking very at home.

Aaahhhhh. Finally!

Cheers. Suzy.


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