Nearly There.

So close, but no cigar!

I may have had a bit of a slow start this morning, well? It is sunday! So after a mammoth day Friday and a full day babysitting yesterday, I only had the arcitraves, skirting boards, windows and 1 door to paint. But I am talking two rooms worth and thats; around 7 windows, 6 doorways, 3 pairs of bay windows and a door! Yeah that’s right, what was I thinking, haha. Well I am nearly there and am seeing the light! Just one more coat on the skirting boards and some arcs. Then I promise I’ll celebrate with some great after photos. Of coarse, I don’t have to worry about redressing the room as the house is pretty much empty now. No spare room furniture, no office furniture. But, our house in Quilpie is getting quite full! Before I go on, I’ll share some before pics with you I took the other day.

Our front entry.

Front Entry Towards Bed 4.

Bedroom 4/ Ofiice.


Don’t mind the bulky furniture in centre shot, I’m a little lacking in man power so moving things to the middle of the room is about the best I can manage. But you can see what I’m talking about. Sooooo many windows and doors!

Enough about this place, I’m starting to get really excitied about our new house! While it may only be a rental property, so no renovating for a little while. There are still plenty of homly touches I am looking forward to making around the place. But before I get there, I am entrusting James with placing out all our furniture. Well, except the “pretty stuff”, so he calls it, which pretty much entails anything that weights less then 10kg and isn’t furniture or whitegoods. Gotta love him. But normally when I am going to do something like moving into a new place, I just walk around the empty space picturing where eveything might go. I’m not the only one who does this right? It’s all part of getting the feeling of the place and how your going to make it into your home. So, due to the fact that James was already living some 888km’s away with friends while he started his new job. And I had work here until last week. When we got our new house in Quilpie about a month ago, James was able to move in straight away. With his job allowing him to have RDO’s he was also able to come back and forth getting loads of furniture and making the move smoother rather then rushed. But the point I am really trying to get to is……… James lives our new house in Quilpie which now has 80-ish-% of our furniture in it AND I have never even seen it!

It’s really a bit strange, I don’t know where to call home anymore? Once I have finsihed all this painting and given the place a good sprucing up. We will once again reside in the same house! Yay! AND…. have a home again! Double YAY!

So to rap up, I finished work a week ago now and I have missed the girls from work abit but I feel like I am experiencing the outside world. I have baby sat my nephew and my best friends little girl, been shopping, painting and done some baking. I loved every minute of it! Maybe I could get used to this not working full time thing. (wink-wink)

Before I get too carried away in my day dreams, I’ll leave you with a picture of the Yummy cupcakes I made with my best friends little 4 year old, Georgia yesterday. We had a ball making them and her mum loved them!

Yummy Cupcakes!

Cheers. Suzy.



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  1. You did so well Suzy B! It’s all those little painting things that seem to take the longest!

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