Yay, we have undercoat!

After having the morning off yesterday and then running some erands this morning, making it only 2 half days or lets just say one big day of work. And we are well and truly on the way. It doesnt sound like much but I can tell you, old houses are much more fun then new houses. First you have to undo what everyone else has done, before you can start a fresh. But that’s what it’s all about really isn’t it.

I think that’s what really intrigues me with old house. It’s like they have this story they want to tell but you really have to take the time to look around and litterally take back the layers, one by one. We found this when we completely overhauled our bathroom, not long after we bought the house. It was a team project, me, my hubby and his dad. Also James but known as Jim. So, me, all keen to get started and learn eveything there was to know. James, not really all that convinced that it was actually going to ever be livable again. And Jim, ever the optimist, It’ll be right, we’ll get it done, he would say. Luckily he at least knew what he was doing!

So under the watchful guidence of Jim, we ripped it all down and looked…….. At the colours, the way the walls were built, the old water damage. We then found out, our house had not always been where it is. But some 800 metres away, not far from the restructured water coarse that runs through our town. We’re not exactly sure when it was moved but there were big floods through the town in the 50’s and the 70’s and after having water through the house, the Fornby family decided to pick up and move along to the closest high ground they could see. Of coarse, I’m sure aside from the water, I don’t think they would have stayed there much longer as the whole area was redeveloped into the town racecoarse and later into the sports/recreation fields that are now the heart of the town.

But back to our old beauty, so as we are pulling off the old wall and the linen cupboards with swirly green contact still intact. We find this blue/green turquoise, which was once the colour of the exterior of the original structure. AND water marks, half way up the walls. It is hard to see in photos, but it was clearly visable to us there had been water waste deep through this house! I must also mention that when moved to this site is was actually put on 6ft high stumps. So we were pretty certain this water damage wasn’t recent!

We also found how the room had originally been connected through to what is now the kitchen. It’s quite amazing to see the original studs and even old weather boards as the bathroom is not inside the original house itself. Of coarse there weren’t such dramatic discoveries this time as the rooms we are working on now had previously been pulled down and rebuilt.

So my next endevour, if I can ever convince James to buy another renovater, is to buy one that is untouched. I’m sure it’ll be pretty bad but just think about what could be hiding in those wall cavitities, or that atic……….?

Well I shall leave you with some pics of our bathroom when it was just an empty room and finsihed. Unfortuatly in my haste, I forgot to get before photos. Sorry, but rest asured, it wasn’t pretty. A mixture of rippeled glass screens and a beige vanity!

Cheers. Suzy.


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